Industry Associations

ProGrade Digital is proud to be a member of the leading industry associations that are shaping the future of removable storage.  As a voting member of both the SDA and the CFA, ProGrade Digital has an active role in creating industry standards for flash-based memory cards.  Find out more about these associations below.

About The SD Association (SDA)

The SD Association (SDA) was founded by Panasonic, SanDisk Corporation and Toshiba Corporation in January 2000 as a new industry-wide organization to develop and promote memory card storage standards. Today, the SD Association has approximately 900 members involved in the design and development of SD standards.

SD standards are used by hundreds of brands across dozens of product categories, such as digital cameras, televisions, personal navigation devices, mobile phones, smart phones, automobiles, computers of all types and video cameras, to name just a few. There are thousands of device models using SD standards today.

The very small memory cards, developed to SD standards, have become the most popular portable storage cards in the world.

The CompactFlash® Association

The CompactFlash® Association was established in 1995 by a group of international companies and is now focused on the common goal of creating industry standards for flash-based memory cards targeting the professional imaging, video and industrial markets. The CompactFlash Association focuses on the development of the specifications, compliance testing processes and tools, as well as conduct marketing activities to promote CFA products, technology and associated applications. Today, the CompactFlash Association has approximately 80 members involved in the design, development, manufacture or sale of products using CFA specifications and technologies.

The CompactFlash Association objectives include:

• Development of current and future specifications
• Management and development of compliance specifications and tools
• Promotion of technology and usage models
• Ensure compatibility for users of all CFA product types